“I lie”

Spotify surprised today me with the track “I lie”, from this album, among the random list they make every week based on my listenings. I was deeply enchainted. Because of this song I decided to write this list e start – right now – my musical reeducation, postponed for so long.

As I read in Wikipedia, it’s based on the Hans Christian Andersen’s homonym fairytale.  From that I got to catch from lyrics and melody, I think I could feel the cold of that New Year’s Eve from here… but, happily, not only. In one word it’s: beautiful.

According to this site, here are the original Yidish lyrics followed by the English translation (unfortunately with one missing verse):

“Leyg ikh mir” (by Joseph Rolnick):

Leyg ikh mir in bet arayn
Un lesh mir oys dos fayer
Kumen vet er haynt tsu mir
Der vos iz mire tayer
Banen loyfn tsvey a tog
Eyne kumt in ovnt
Khõher dos klingen
Ð glin glin glon
Yo, er iz shoyn noent
Shtundn hot di nakht gor fil
Eyns der tsveyter triber
Eyne iz a fraye nor
Ven es kumt mayn liber
Ikh her men geyt, men klapt in tir,
Men ruft mikh on baym nomen
Ikh loyf arop a borvese
Yo! er iz gekumen!

“I lie”:

I lie in bed
and turn out the light
my beloved will come today

The trains come twice a day
one comes at night
hear them clanging
– glin, glin, glon
Yes, he is near
The night has many hours
each one sadder than the next
only one is happy
when my beloved comes
Someone comes, someone knocks
someone calls my name
I run out barefoot
Yes, he has come.

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