Open the chest!

First of all: this is not a literary blog. Not even a diary. The driving force of this place is simply my love for languages, which is one of the very few certainties I always had.

That said, my name is Marcel Martinuzzo and I’m a Brazilian student. Pleased to have you on my place.

In 2018, in the middle of a kinda “existential” crisis, I decided to recover this blog – that I created several years ago and never knew exactly what to do with – and finally give it a sense. The idea is quite simple: once in a while I write letters to different friends or colleagues in the languages I study, so they read them and make some corrections if necessary, then I post them here as a remembrance. Nothing very complex; most of the time I write about my life and feelings, my relation with words and languages, and – of course – some peculiar discoveries, i. e. anything that touch me in any sense.

I try to write at least one letter per month in every language I learn and I try to do it the best I can. For I don’t use to publicize my writings, even because  they’re mostly not much more than language practice, I’m pretty surprised you found my little chest. Be welcome, anyway. If you want to correspond with me, please contact me writing a comment. Hope you like it. ^^


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